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Yesterday we released several features that many mHelpDesk customers have requested, including the ability to print the schedule of selected staff or teams, extension of the character limit of the names of customer equipment custom fields, and enhancements to recurring job scheduling.

Print selected staff schedules and agendas

This feature allows anyone with the appropriate permissions to print the day’s appointments for a team or staff member.  This is only available in the “Day” view in the Schedule.  This highly requested feature gives you the flexibility to provide schedules on paper when that’s preferred.

  • The “print schedule” button allows you to print a calendar format of the day’s appointments
  • The “print agenda” button allows you to print a list format of the day’s appointments

See the video here.

Extended character limit for customer equipment custom field names

Some of our customers have requested additional flexibility in naming their custom fields in the customer equipment module.  You can now use up to 70 characters in creating your customer equipment custom field names.

Recurring jobs extended to 999 instances

Some industries operate off of jobs that happen again and again at a regular interval.  We’ve adjusted our recurring jobs treatment in the Schedule to better enable that.  You can now schedule up to 999 instances of a recurring job at once, and the jobs will be added to the Schedule 30 instances at a time.  Once the batch of 30 has decreased to 10 future jobs, another batch of 30 will be added to the Schedule.

See the video here.


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