mHelpDesk Release Notes – July 12, 2016

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About this update

Yesterday we released several features, bug fixes and performance enhancements to both the mHelpDesk web and mobile applications. The top new enhancements are:


  • Filter the Schedule:  You can now filter your Schedule in the mobile app to hone in on just those appointments and jobs that are relevant to you.
  • Filter the Job list:  Filtering is also available for the Job list now so that you can focus on just your own jobs or those that are of interest.
  • Create an Invoice from an Estimate (without creating a Job):  To allow for different workflows, you can now create an invoice directly from an estimate.
  • Add sales tax in Estimates and Invoices:  You can now add sales tax to estimates and invoices in the mobile app.

Haven’t downloaded the new mobile app yet?  Do it now!

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  • “Estimate” tab in the customer profile:  A highly requested customer feature, you can now view all of a customer’s estimates by clicking on the “Estimates” tab in their profile.
  • Schedule printing of multiple staff, print each on an individual page (bug fix):  Now when multiple staff are selected on the schedule for printing, each will be printed on a separate page with their name at the top.
  • Customer equipment history is retained when transferring to a new customer:  When a specific piece of customer equipment is transferred from one customer to another the history and notes are now maintained for a full record.

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mHelpDesk Release Notes – July 12, 2016

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