Offline Mode: Protect Your Mobile Workforce

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You know the feeling: out on a job and you hit a


Without warning you’re unable to continue your work due to one small (but very big) thing: lack of data or cell reception. This can also create issues for your coworkers in the office who need to remain connected to you.

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We know service professionals need to be productive at all times, which is exactly why creating true “offline mode” functionality was a main focus for our brand new mHelpDesk mobile app. You and your team are now able to continue all core tasks in areas with little to no data or cell reception, like in rural neighborhoods or even basements.

Full offline productivity, which most other field service software cannot provide, makes mHelpDesk’s new mobile app stand out from the rest.

How it works:

By default, the mHelpDesk app automatically syncs jobs from the last 7 days as well as those for the current day and one day in the future.  Once you hit a connection dead zone, you won’t notice that you’ve gone offline because the app will still contain the information you need for the job. This isn’t just “read only,” you can continue to update job details, capture signatures and take notes as if you were online. Once your device finds a connection again, the app will automatically sync your updates to be reflected in real time across the account.

What this means for you:

Whether the next job takes you to a remote forest, a mountain, or a basement, offline mode allows you to continue your tasks without having to rely on memory or pen and paper. For office staff, you can continue to assign jobs to the appropriate technicians and rest assured that they will be automatically updated as soon as they’re within range of a signal.

Ready to to increase your productivity?

Download the new mHelpDesk mobile app now!

If you’re already an mHelpDesk customer, then download the app for FREE and sign in with your account credentials.  That’s all you need to do to get started!

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Not an mHelpDesk customer yet? Create your free trial here and try it free for 14 days. No credit card is required, and you have no obligation to purchase.

Last modified: November 28, 2016

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Offline Mode: Protect Your Mobile Workforce

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