A New Option: Printing Staff Schedules

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We are committed to making life easier and more profitable for field service companies. 

That means taking processes that historically have been done via pen and paper into the cloud so that your business’s customer data and staff schedules are easily accessed, shared, and updated.  However, our customers have expressed to us that sometimes there is a need for a physical copy of their schedules, so we’ve added the option to accommodate these requests.

We recently launched a feature giving users the ability to easily print staff appointments and jobs in either a calendar or list format.  This is particularly useful for field techs who may go into locations with intermittent internet or cell phone connections.  It is also a nice option for those people who just prefer to operate off of a paper-based daily schedule, even if they work entirely in mHelpDesk for other activities.

Here is a reminder of how it works:

Printing staff schedules and agendas

This feature allows anyone with the appropriate permissions to print the day’s appointments for a team or staff member.  This is only available in the “Day” view in the Schedule.

  • The “print schedule” button allows you to print a calendar format of the day’s appointments
  • The “print agenda” button allows you to print a list format of the day’s appointments

See the video here.

The ability to use any combination of printed and digital calendars ensures your team is even more likely to be coordinated and on time, all the time, helping you win more jobs.


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Last modified: January 17, 2018

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