You’ve got the look: uniforms, tees, or civvies, what should your team wear?

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It’s one thing to have a great team; it’s another to broadcast your professionalism to everyone who sees them. There are classic ways of doing this and as much as we all love a rebel, they work.

Truck wraps are a great way to differentiate yourself and your team from “some guy with a truck” small potatoes. They give a highly professional look at minimal cost. Now let’s think about your team itself.

Branded coveralls not only let them wear the clothes they prefer to work, but they protect them from paint spills and miscellaneous grunge while strongly branding your business. And studies show that customers appreciate and respect the professionalism of a team clad in matching branded coveralls. They look like experts working for an impressive company.

Contrast that impression with the one given by the same team, with the same skills, except one of them is wearing some hipster beer tee and jorts, one is wearing a Remington-branded cap with some kind of cargo pant and head-to toe-camo looking like he got called in off the prepper ranch for the afternoon, and a third is proudly airing out his buttcrack and belly in a too-short too-tight Led Zeppelin tee and jeans that haven’t fit him since he graduated high school.

Your guys may know their jobs inside and out, but it’s easier to convince onlookers, who often don’t know the job at all, of their skills when they have a certain professionalism to their appearance.

If the idea of identical coveralls is not lighting up your face with joy, consider branded tee shirts with some sort of standardized bottom that everyone can afford: jeans, cargo pants, chinos, whatever. Tees can often be locally printed both quickly and affordably with your logo. Since your team faces their work, it’s more important to have the logo on the back of the shirt than the front of the shirt.

As for caps, it’s best to have them all alike too, and here you can invest a little more in getting some spares. Hand them out to your customers; who doesn’t love a gimme cap? When your customers do your advertising for you the word of mouth factor is multiplied by two! And with bulk ordering, costs are very low.

If your budget stretches to it, consider having some logo jackets printed up and give them to team leaders. They make a powerful impression when out making estimates and dealing with the client, and staffers love them.

Only you know your team and how they will react to a potential uniform or branded tee push; some teams will welcome the free clothes and rejoice that their own clothes won’t be at risk. Others will resent the control and corporate message they send. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for your business and your team.

But DO get some hats printed up. Everybody loves hats.

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Last modified: January 16, 2018

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