Release Notes for Web App: Inventory Management Improvements – April 3, 2019


We know managing inventory can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have made managing your inventory easier with inventory data importing!  

With today’s release, you can now easily import your inventory data into your mHelpDesk account from a CSV file, saving you time and effort.


Importing Inventory Data Is Now Easier

Now you can download a CSV import template to easily add or update your inventory information. Just go to your Price List (under Settings > Lists), click the Options drop-down and choose Download Import CSV Template to get started. Previously you had to download your Price List and map your data one by one. Now we’ll take care of that for you!  Divider

This will open up the template shown below, and you’ll be able to enter your inventory data. Divider

On the template, you’ll see the following columns to specify your inventory and parts: Type, Name, Description, Rate, Quantity on Hand, Reorder Point, As Of (to signify the date), Part Number, Duration, Cost and Tax Code.

Once you’re done, go back to the Options drop-down on your Price List and select Import CSV to get your data into your mHelpDesk account.

Need to update your data later? It’s as easy as downloading your import file and making the changes.


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If you get stuck or have any questions, r
each out to our Account Support Team via phone+1(888) 558-6275 ext. 2 or chat (within your web or mobile app).


Importing for Multiple Locations? No Problem!


Do you have Multi-Location Inventory Tracking enabled on your mHelpDesk account? Good news! Our inventory imports now support Multi-Location Inventory and you can import both the quantity on hand and reorder point information into a specific Inventory location. Just download the CSV template (from your Price List) and specify the location under The Inventory Location Name.

On the template, you’ll see the same following columns as above, in addition to Inventory Location Name. Divider


Interested in getting Multi-Location Inventory Tracking enabled on your mHelpDesk account?
Reach out to our Account Support Team at +1(888) 558-6275 ext 2. or
chat (within your web or mobile app) or learn more here.


Last modified: April 3, 2019

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