5 Pest Control Websites that Show You How It’s Done

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Good for you if you’ve decided to build a website to advertise your pest control business. A website is absolutely essential to reaching modern customers, and it’s a great way to expand even booming businesses. However, a website isn’t a free ticket to attention. You’re going to be competing with every other website in your region, and the quality of your site better measure up if you want a piece of the pie.

Your potential customers have expectations when they land on your pest control website. Based on what they see in the first few seconds, they will decide whether you look professional, competent or trustworthy. Since they’ve never met you, they’ll just judge your personal character by the way you’ve arranged your pictures and text.

That probably sounds harsh, but you can build a website that will communicate all the right things to your customers. Here are some examples of pest control companies that have done it right

Los Angeles Pest Control

los angeles pest controlroninpestcontrol.com

We like to start off the list with a simple design. Having a quality website doesn’t have to mean having a busy website with pictures and animation. Lay out your services clearly, appear legitimate, and make it easy to contact you, and you’ll never have a problem. Here’s a website that does that very well. Everything that a visitor needs to make a decision and then make a service order are right here in one neat, well-organized package. Consider this a good model when building your pest control website.

Green Earth Pest Control

green earthgreenearthpest.com

Sometimes, you don’t want a generic website. If you have a specialty, you want to avoid conventional designs for your industry and do something that helps your customers immediately identify you. You’ll see that Green Earth is super-focused on their ecological dedication. No one who wants eco-friendly service will have any doubt that they’ve come to the right place. Others just looking for any pest control professional might be convinced to “go green” after being hooked by all the attention-grabbing features.

Family Pest & Lawn Care

Family Pest Lawn Care Pest Control San Antoniofamilypestcontrol.com

Family pest control is another well-constructed website. The home page in particular makes excellent use of images. You have both the touching images of families and the convenient wall-of-bugs right below so that visitors don’t even have to know the name of their infestation. The excellent use of images is something to note about this website, but its creative use of image-navigated content is the idea you should really borrow for a better pest control website.

Cascade Pest Control

Pest Control for the Greater Seattle Areacascadepest.com

This is a gorgeous website that catches attention easily with its attractive background and borders. The image-navigated content right below the slideshow makes it easy to find any information, and more than what most customers need is already available without having to navigate away. This company chose to advertise their service award in the main banner, front-and-center. If you have any relevant accomplishments that might sway your customers, you should definitely put it to use somewhere they can see it.

Williams Pest Control

Las Vegas Pest Control Williams Pest Controlwilliamspestcontrol.com

Some first-time website builders might worry that humor can get in the way of professionalism. It certainly can, but there’s a way to do it right. Williams Pest Control proves it. The massive invading insects featured in the pictures are a great hook when you consider that most pest control customers visit 4-5 websites in just a few minutes. The quality of your service doesn’t matter if you can’t catch their attention, so do what this website did and try to give them a smile.

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Last modified: January 16, 2018

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