How to Communicate Boundaries With Your Cleaning Clients

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It is easy to get swept up (pun intended) in trying to please your customer when you run a cleaning business. Creating boundaries in any workplace is essential, but especially when it comes to cleaning homes and offices. It is too easy for “just one small thing” to be added to your list of duties.

To set boundaries in your business, remember these few pieces of advice so you and your customer remain on the same page. You won’t end up doing twice the work for none of the pay.

Have a Game Plan

It’s surprising how much confusion can come from just one employee not understanding what is expected during service. They are the representation of your company. Make sure your staff can clearly outline the boundaries as they relate to your cleaning service, this will be displayed to your customers and create a cohesive service environment.

Outline Expectations

If both you and your customer understand exactly what is expected, it is less likely a conflict will form. Create a list of the items that you clean and the rates that you charge for any additional services. If you are expected to clean it, the client should expect to be charged.

A list will help not only understand expectations, but will open opportunity for enhancing business. If you offer to clean blinds for an additional price, your customer understands this isn’t part of the natural contract, and will consider purchasing the additional service when needed.

Learn to Say “No”

It is okay to say no and have things you will not do in your cleaning business. For example, cleaning up after household pets or working after 6pm. Understand that your boundaries are acceptable and be okay with explaining why the request is beyond your service.

Address boundary violations right away.

If after setting out boundaries in a service agreement they are not being followed address the issue right away. If you have not agreed to clean dishes but feel forced to because they are in the sink, let your customer know.

It may be that they don’t understand the agreement or that they don’t care. By clearly addressing issues as they arise during your service you can work towards a greater understanding with your customer and best judge how to handle violations going forward.

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Last modified: January 16, 2018

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How to Communicate Boundaries With Your Cleaning Clients

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