Leads Gone Cold? 6-Step Guide to Re-Engage Old Leads [Infographic]

Is your field service lead database filled with leads that are old and unresponsive? Don’t throw those prospects out! You can re-engage these potential customers by using these six tactics designed to get their attention again.

How to Re-engage Old Leads

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More on these 6 ways to re-engage old leads:

1. Change Your Timing

Look at your email contact schedule and switch things up. If you’re always sending messages on the same day and time, adjust the delivery. For example, if you typically try to contact leads during the work week, try reaching out during the weekend. Pay close attention to the email metrics. An unopened email may not expose the lead to your message, but you do increase your brand awareness.

2. Use the Nine-Word Email

The nine-word email is a re-engagement tactic created by Functional Funnels. You start with a simple opening — the lead’s name. After that, use this question format. “Are you still looking at getting [insert] [your] [service]?” That’s literally it!

3. Share an Offer

Send out a promotional offer, an exclusive discount code, information on sweepstakes or another attention-grabbing option. These gifts may be the push they need to move forward. Social media platforms are an excellent choice for this tactic, as leads may choose to share the offers with their social circles.

4. Be Helpful 

Pull back from hard sales techniques and look for ways that you can add value to the prospect’s inbox. Let them know about the useful content that you published recently.

5. Move to a Different Channel

Having problems reaching a prospect via email? Try moving your communication to another channel, if you have that information available for a prospect.

6. Talk About New Stuff

Your company and the lead may not have been a good match when you first started engaging with them, but things change over time. Reach out to the prospect to see what new developments occurred on their end, and tell them about recent changes for your company.

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Last modified: May 2, 2018

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