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Got a website? That’s good, but it isn’t necessarily good enough. Everyone’s got one now, and customers will be able to find a nice fat list of them if they go looking for some HVAC services in their area. They’ll probably spend a handful of seconds looking at those websites, and it is in those crucial seconds that you have one chance to make a sale.

You won’t have the chance to talk to those clients. You’re going to have to trust your website to do the talking for you. You should take a moment now to look up HVAC services in your area and look at the designs your competitors are using. Is your website as attractive? As informative? As charismatic?

If it is, give yourself a pat on the back, because it’s never easy to pull off being #1. If you feel your website might need a makeover, don’t worry. We’re happy to help. We went and found some of the best HVAC websites online. You can look to these successful models to bring your own website into the major leagues.

Global HVAC


We’ll start things off simple, but sharp. The website used by Global HVAC out of LA would be simple to create on even a limited website budget, but at the same time, it’s attractive and attention-grabbing. The sliding image menu against the slightly off-white background achieves a very professional look. Note how easy it is for potential customers to find the contact details. They are listed at the top and centered right under the menu. That’s a practice that you should be following yourself.

Comfortable Air HVAC Services




Here’s another simple and clean website that won’t break the bank, though this one emphasized a little more color and texture. The background is worth noting, here. While it’s nothing more than crossed lines, it does make visitors think of drafting papers—something they might associate in their minds with dedicated professionals working on machines. That’s something the marketing industry likes to call “visual rhetoric”. The deep blue is also a great contrast to the white background, and maintains the professional vibe.





Lake HVAC is our first look at a more technically-developed website. This one not only has a great look (notice again the mechanical drawings to suggest expertise), but also some great features. While the menu at the top includes everything that a visitor might need, they can also find those same options through the central menu containing the pictures. Take a look through the rest of the site, and you’ll spot some animation on the menus—another attractive touch.

Jade Air




Here’s a HVAC website that didn’t stop at looking professional. This one has style! A visitor’s attention is immediately drawn to the massive and high-definition photos that alternate through all 4 seasons. Visitors looking for either AC or heater relief will be immediately confident that they found the right place. The fun with color doesn’t stop there. The page is headed in cool blue, and closed in candy-apple red, with green accents all around. This website was designed to keep people interested until they were ready to call.





Somatic lets visitors know that they’re in the right place right away, with a large truck and two happy service providers looking eager to help. The colors on this website have also been used to great effect. Notice that the red on the truck matches the red that is used throughout the website. Brand consistency is important. There are also plenty of pictures, below the main menu on the home page. This website is more condensed than others, but that’s not a bad thing. Everything a visitor needs is available without scrolling.

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