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Researchers at SoftwareAdvice recently published an article outlining the extensive benefits of field service software, specifically for HVAC companies.  These include:

  • Transparency to improve travel times:  You can’t improve what you can’t see.  With a great field service management tool, you can get techs to the jobs that make the most sense based on their skills and location.
  • Accurate resource allocation:  Know who and what you’re sending to a job, to make sure they’re ideally matched to reduce additional visits.
  • Improved customer service:  Sending texts or emails to remind your customers about appointments and getting your techs to the job on time is much easier when you have automation and scheduling through a system like mHelpDesk’s HVAC software solution.
  • Greater accountability:  Keeping track of the location of your vehicles and employees makes them even more focused on the jobs at hand.
  • Reduced fuel costs:  GPS tracking allows you to route techs more efficiently and significantly reduces employee side trips.

In order to grow their business, owners and managers need to optimize their HVAC business plan; a key section often overlooked is operations. SoftwareAdvice has also determined that approximately 74% of HVAC companies don’t leverage any sort of software to improve and streamline their day-to-day operations.

“We were very surprised to find that of the thousands of HVAC business owners we’ve spoken with, 74% of them aren’t currently using any software to help them manage their business,” said Justin Guinn, market researcher at Software Advice, a site with detailed reviews and research of HVAC service software. “Today’s field service software options are more affordable and easier to use than ever, so you’d think that more HVAC business would be taking advantage of these systems. The HVAC industry can be so competitive that we thought business owners would be doing everything they could do to differentiate and get a leg up on their competitors.”

What are the benefits to those companies that use tools like mHelpDesk to get them organized and improve scheduling and routing?

  • 89% of companies saw a decrease in fuel costs
  • 85% cited an improvement in first-call resolution rates
  • 95% improved technician punctuality

These statistics are really important for an HVAC business owner, especially when you consider that 64% of customers won’t rehire an HVAC company that’s just 1 hour late for a job.  Think of all of that repeat business!  Click here to learn more about SoftwareAdvice’s study.

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Last modified: January 17, 2018

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