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The field service world is competitive.  You can do everything right–have a skilled team, provide top notch customer service, use only the best materials–and still lose jobs if the final numbers you’re providing to customers are not in line with their budgets or the estimates they’re getting from competitors.  How can you make sure you’re providing an estimate and final invoice that creates profits for your company AND value for your customers?

One of the best places to get information is the place homeowners go: to remodeling and repair estimator tools like the HomeAdvisor True Cost Guide:

repair estimator

At crowd sourced data tools like this, you can drill down on particular locales and task types, making it easier to make sure you’re competitive.  It’s also free, so you can run each job through the tool to ensure you’re on track.  They also include breakdowns on what others are charging for various elements of a larger job, like a full bathroom remodel:

Parts of a bathroom remodel from HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide

Keeping an eye on the market is just one more way to help you make the most of your leads and keep customers coming back.

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Last modified: May 2, 2018

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Repair Estimator – Remodeling, Service Jobs and More

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