7 Top Tips for IT Service Management Companies

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How can you as an IT service management company stand out in a sea of competitors? As with all successful businesses, it starts with a good team, a solid plan and a focus on top-notch customer service. Here are seven strategies to incorporate when forming your team and training your managers, so you can have a more successful business.

1. Be reachable both in person and online

Improving your reachability means using all available methods, including both your website and social media and over the phone. Utilize online apps or social media networks to stay in contact with your target markets. If you cannot take calls and communicate immediately, send automated responses so that your clients know exactly what to expect from your services. A field service management solution can take care of this easily for you.

2. Improve your responsiveness and lead with professionalism

Leads will likely choose the first companies who get back to them and are thorough in their estimate or communications. Ensure that your team acts in professional ways, as is always reliable. How responsive are they in person, and how user-friendly is your website? Is there an immediate call to action, where clients can get in touch with you instantly? Try customer portals, custom forms or chat bots to help handle customer requests.

3. Treat the customer as king

This is one rule that will never change, regardless of circumstances. It is often easy for IT personnel to focus only on virtual matters and forget common courtesies when dealing with people in real life. Train your people to communicate better, employ listening strategies, or invest in workshops and management training. Utilize e-learning tools that teach interpersonal skills such as interviewing and networking.

4. Network and form good relationships

An important thing is to create a culture of honesty and transparency in all your workflow. Even though IT department often handle data and digital processes, it is still essential that the team service members stay connected to clients. A good field service management app will come with an integrated messaging system to improve staff communication and customer communication and help keep the entire team updated on changes with customer appointments, jobs and more. To improve relationships with clients, you could set up social events, networking opportunities, or workshops on human relations in the business arena.

5. Identify risks now and in the future

When providing IT services, you need to stay one step ahead of your customer. Have a good risk strategy in place so that when problems arise, you know how to best handle them. Having notes on all your customers and always having access to them is key.

6. Have top management be good examples of transparency

Leaders must set an example to everyone in the company. Upgrading processes, developing their staff, and making it possible for them to learn and grow is essential. Senior management is responsible for providing direction, but they must also be committed to carrying out best practices, even taking the blame for problems before finding solutions.

7. Invest in better workflow tools

You cannot empower your team without providing them the tools to do the job. For better efficiency and delivery of services, utilize the digital tools that are available. Find the best field service software so you can improve both your online presence and professional reputation.

Bonus Tip: Better Time Management Strategies

Time management is one of the most valuable skills your team should possess, but it is also rare to find in the best of employees. You can help to develop their skills in effective time management and effectively increasing productivity, both of which will contribute to better profitability.

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Last modified: August 2, 2019

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