Release Notes for Web – March 10, 2017

We’ve made some adjustments to our admin dashboard design and added some new features based on user feedback. Learn more below!

The new dashboard contains 4 modules:
Today’s Appointments (seen on the top left) gives you a snapshot of the day’s schedule including who each job is assigned to. Keep in mind this will only show your first 5 appointments and will adjust according to the current time. When you toggle to “Customer Appointments”, you’ll see the next 5 customer-related appointments for your whole staff today.
– Summary View (seen on the top right) gives you the number of customers added and your gross sales, which can be adjusted by date (yesterday, today, this month or a specific date range).
Your Checklist (seen on the middle right where it currently says “You’re doing great”) shows the steps to help you make the most of mHelpDesk. This module can be closed by clicking the “x” in the top right of the box.
Task Tiles (seen on the bottom right) display key action items. Below is a definition for each key action item:

  • Uncontacted leads refers to leads that have not been emailed or called from the lead page or mobile app
  • Unpaid invoices refers to invoices that are unpaid or only partially paid
  • Unassigned jobs refers to jobs that do not have any staff assigned to it
  • Active leads refers to any open leads or leads with any of these statuses assigned to it: ‘New’, ‘Selling’, ‘Qualified’
  • Active Estimates refers to any open estimates or estimates that are in ‘Draft’ or ‘Sent’ status
  • Active Jobs refers to jobs with either a ‘New’ or ‘Open’ status.

For added convenience, we’ve made many of the items on the dashboard clickable. Like with the old dashboard, you’ll still be able to create a new estimate, ticket, lead or invoice right from the page. Just click the blue ‘Create New’ button on the top right.

Please note: this new dashboard is currently only available to administrators or users with admin access and via our web app. We are planning a wider release in the future.

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Last modified: March 10, 2017

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