Congratulations to our Capterra Review Competition Winners!

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Every year, Capterra drives inspiration from the NCAA Basketball tourney, March Madness, and hosts their own kind of competition called the Reviews Madness Tournament. Sixty-four companies face off for and vie for the most customer reviews. We love Capterra — which is an online directory of business software. They really helped to grow mHelpDesk in the early days. Because we often imitate what we admire, we decided to run a little review competition of our own.

The contest was simple. We asked our existing customers (all 10,000 of them!) to submit their personal stories on how mHelpDesk has helped to change their business. To show our appreciation, the top reviews would receive an Amazon gift card.

1st place – $150

2nd place – $100

3rd place – $75

We received a ton of incredible stories. Thank-you everyone for taking the time to write in! After much deliberation, we picked the following winners.

1st Place — Bryan Hand, Owner / General Manager of Handcrafted Pool Care in Mansfield, TX

Since 1999, Handcrafted Pool Care has provided swimming pool maintenance, repairs and renovations for residential and commercial swimming pools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. They offer energy efficient equipment upgrades, computer automation, one-time cleanups, pool openings and closings, repairs of all equipment, additions and remodels to existing swimming pools as well as new construction.

Our company was founded on a simple philosophy, “Do what you promise and the rest will take care of itself,” and that has proven true for over 15 years.


Here’s what Bryan had to say about mHelpDesk

Turned our business around!

“Before mHelpDesk, our business was very inefficient. All of our work orders were printed on paper and our daily route sheets were paper as well. Once the work was completed, we had to wait sometimes until the next day before we would see the results of the work completed, when the tech turned in the paper – in some cases 2 or 3 days if the technician was in a remote area. This made us look very unprofessional to our customers.

After mHelpDesk, we now operate very effectively, with precision. All of the work orders are real time updated from the technicians mobile device at the job site. This has allowed us to operate more profitably and with less errors. Many times, there were questions from the customers about the work performed. Now with auto emails that are sent to the customer real time, those concerns are no longer there. The customers receive an email every time a job is completed, with detailed info of the work completed and they can even log in and see before and after pictures.

Bottom line, Mhelpdesk has greatly reduced our front end office work and has made our field technicians more effective, which means as an owner of a small company, the focus can be more on growing the company and not stuck in the office shuffling paper.

I highly recommend this product for a small service business. I have a degree in IT and I have done my research looking for a good solution. I can tell you that mHelpDesk and the team behind it, has the mindset and fortitude to keep their software a mile apart from their competition, not to mention, its priced very reasonable.”

Why we love Bryan’s review

It’s our mission to provide software that can take your company to the next level. For Bryan, that’s how he used mHelpDesk. By leveraging technology, he has now streamlined his business. This is what we love to hear — companies growing and focusing on what matters. Thanks for the review, Bryan!


2nd Place — Chris Chandler, Office Manager at Radiology Services Inc. in Topsfield, MA

Radiology Services Inc. is a multi-vendor, medical imaging service and sales provider for the New England Diagnostic Imaging Community. By maintaining and selling through a multi-modality approach, they are constantly staying up to date on the industry’s latest trends within medical imaging.


Here’s what Chris had to say about mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk was a lifesaver!

“Having never worked in a service management role before, I was nervous to jump right into my company. During my first year, I learned the ways of our day to day business practices in which we utilized a carbon copy paper system to develop our hand written work orders that contained 3 pages; One for the customer, one for billing and one for our records. Though this system was working adequately, I couldn’t help but feel as though there was room for improvement in the aspect of efficiency. As it was, the office would receive a service call for a unit, in which that call would be dispatched out to a field engineer. Once on site and the problem was fixed, our engineer would complete a report and then leave a copy with our customer and save the remaining two for our office staff to complete which would be brought into our main office at the end of the work week. When I began the search for different Service Management software options, I continually found that many systems were either too expensive, or had more features than we would ever need to use.

When I came across Mhelpdesk, I used the free trial and to be honest, I didn’t utilize it to the full extent just because of the amount of information that we needed to input, but something that really stood out was the customer service experience. Anytime I would reach out to the happiness team, or sales teams, they were more than flexible to work with our timelines, and all of our questions. It was then I knew this was the company I wanted to bring to my superiors and really sell to our office team to really work on switching over too.

Once we made the decision to begin implementing mHelpDesk, this task was extremely difficult in the fact that we service an entire region with hundreds of different units. Working with the Customer Success team was a LIFESAVER. Our Success coach was Aubrey, and she was amazing. Extremely patient and always prompt with all of our meetings and phone conferences. She really worked to make our transition as seamless as possible. Still to this day, she has helped answer questions that I have had here and there. We are really looking forward to the new version and new features to come out that I know will really help our organization excel that much more!”

Why we love Chris’ review

We understand that it can be difficult to switch systems in your business. That’s why we built the Customer Success team — to ease the transition. Hearing these types of stories means that we’re growing in the right direction.


3rd place — Robert Cincotta, Owner of RNC Appliance in Reading, MA

RNC Appliance Inc. is the most affordable appliance repair service in the area. As a family business, they pride themselves in quality workmanship and honesty. Continuing education on all new makes and models, makes them a great choice for your appliance need.


Here’s what Robert had to say about mHelpDesk

Best value for your time and money

“mHelpDesk is the best program to use for your business! It offers the most helpful features at 1/2 the cost than other programs, and I tried them all. mHelpDesk is easy to learn and user friendly, it helps you organize your inventory, clientele, invoicing, and much more and all the help and support you could need. We use this program for our service business, but you can adjust the many features that best fit your needs for your business. Don’t waste your time with trials and phone calls with other programs, mHelpDesk has everything you need. Give them a try. You can cancel anytime. I know you’ll LOVE this program as much as my family does!”

Why we love Robert’s review

We take pride in building software that’s easy to use and that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Robert was able to teach himself how to use the software. Hearing that mHelpDesk is intuitive enough for people to figure out on their own is something we love to hear.


Congratulations Bryan, Chris, and Robert! Thank-you everyone who participated.


We grow based on your suggestions!

Each and every day, we continue to build mHelpDesk based on your customer feedback. Hearing that we’ve helped improve your operations not only warms our heart, but let’s us know that we’re doing things right.

After all, we’re creating this for you. The more feedback we get, the better mHelpDesk will become.

We launch contests like this regularly. If you’re interested in being updated on future competitions, subscribe to our blog :)

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Congratulations to our Capterra Review Competition Winners!

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