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First, this is embarrassing for me to admit but as some of you have experienced over the past month, we have had some challenges with product slowness. Worst of all it has resulted in intermittent outages for a handful of customers.  The good news is that we have recently invested heavily in server infrastructure which has already resulted in big performance improvements.  While I have explanations for each of these instances–moving to higher quality servers, improving back end functionality to make our product stronger over the long term–it doesn’t make these outages OK.  I know that when we’re down, you suffer.  I personally feel your pain and fixing this has been the only thing I have been focused on. The fact that it takes time to do this right has also been somewhat frustrating. I just wanted to let you know that we’re working hard to make sure we don’t have these problems going forward.

Some activities taking place behind the scenes are adding servers for increased stability and the ability to release new features without any downtime for customers, the improvement of our search functions across the product and server and system monitoring so we can catch problems before our customers experience them.  These are things that take time and while we’ve tried to minimize the impact of them, but at times these transitions have negatively affected our product performance.

In short, I know that slowness and outages are unacceptable and we’re committed to getting ahead of them.  My team and I are 100% committed to providing you and your business the first class support you deserve.  Rather than make excuses and tell you that this was a side effect of growing too fast, I’ll simply promise to deliver results to you in the coming weeks.


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Last modified: January 17, 2018

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