Building a Marketing Funnel for Your Field Service Business: Part 4

“Direct mail is a bit costlier, but it is great for targeting specific neighborhoods and can be a great program to set up and forget.”

This month, I’ve been sharing tips to help you avoid a seasonal slowdown through marketing. I’ve covered networking, word of mouth, web content and social media. Today’s post is dedicated to direct mail.

Direct Mail

Direct mail gets a bad rap in my eyes. It is a bit costlier, but it is great for targeting specific neighborhoods and can be a great program to set up and forget. All you need is a good list, a good mail house, and good graphic designer, or you can just call my friends at PostcardMania, and they will handle the whole thing – on auto-pilot. The keys to a good postcard campaign are:

  1. Build a great list of targeted prospects
  2. Great image
  3. Great headline
  4. Call to action
  5. Consistency.

Lots of people try direct mail, but they just try one list, get mediocre or bad results, and call it quits.  Once you find the sweet spot, it can be like printing money.


Marketing is critical to building your painting business. Don’t be one of those guys that just says, “I just get all my work from word of mouth, it’s the best advertising.” Those guys are usually broke, and NOT busy. I have doubled my business in the last year by focusing on marketing, and you can too.  It just takes time and dedication to build the machine. But the good news is that once you build it, it will continue to get easier and easier. Remember, all this information is useless unless you take action. So go! Take action right now.

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Nick May owns Walls by Design, based out of Denver, CO. He started the business in 1999 with one employee, and grew it to be one of the largest residential interior painting businesses in Colorado. May believes in systems, team building, and marketing…not necessarily in that order. When he’s not working with his team, you can find him playing soccer or hosting his successful interior design podcast called The Chaise Lounge where he shares the stories of some of the most successful designers in the industry today.




Last modified: February 1, 2017

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