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You’re in business. You work hard. You want to be known for the great job you do, but you don’t want to go all “corporate.”

How do you balance the pressure to be a “Brand” and the urge to be an individual, a neighbor, a friend, a human being? Well, they’re not as different as you might think.

A brand is really just a way to identify someone who can supply a service or product. If what you need is Pink Apricots, it’s natural to do a search on Google for Pink Apricots and the better a Pink Apricot farmer has done at branding, the more likely he is to pop up to the top of the search results.

The myth is, it’s all controlled by mysterious SEO artistes the way bank transactions are controlled by the Illuminati. The truth is, it’s more in your hands than you might think or even be comfortable with.

Yes, it’s substantially up to you.

Decide what business you are after. Penticton Pink Apricots. Okay, register Get a nice, professionally designed logo (oh come on, it’ll cost you $500 or so and be worth thousands in the long run) with a pink apricot. Put it on your business cards.

Use the same font and logo on your website. You don’t want people getting confused when they come to your site. The same font and logo and tagline should be on your card, your site, and all your printed material, eg flyers. mHelpDesk will let you include your personal branding items in your online invoices to the client.

Make sure that all of the material speaks from the same voice. That simply means it sounds like the same person said it all. Your business has an identity, and it needs to be consistent; any change in voice will reduce the trust people have in your company, because it sounds like you’re not you anymore.

If you speak from authenticity, and have a visual brand, ie logo, that you love and speaks to you, you have got branding down and are miles ahead of the competition.

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Last modified: January 16, 2018

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