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Vetting Process For Employment: Out With The Norm, In With The New

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This post was written by Danielle Kem, Manager of Talent Acquisition at mHelpDesk.

As a small business owner in the Field Service Management industry, now is an exciting time to target, win, and hire top millennial talent.


According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there will be significant growth in field service management jobs between the years of 2014-2024. The average growth among all occupations will average about 7%, while industries like HVAC and Electrical companies will nearly double that amount, at 14%. With the baby-boomers retiring, millennials will start to dominate the workforce.

So how do you go about finding and hiring some of the top millennial talent interested in entering the trades workplace?

There are three keys: 1) Be social, 2) Get involved, 3) Go mobile!

1. Be Social

Your online presence is important now, more than ever and there are tools available to you that can help you attract top talent for free. The majority of millennials do their job searches online.

While having a website is beneficial, it’s not always feasible for small businesses or companies just starting out. If your website lacks an appealing careers page, build your company profile online with sites like Facebook, Glassdoor, and Indeed to increase the odds of a millennial candidate applying to your company. Showcase your company culture and encourage current employees to post reviews on why they like working for you. Be sure to include why they should work for you, the benefits they’ll receive  and what you can do for their career growth.

2. Get Involved

Research local trade, vocational, and technical schools, or community colleges in your area.  A common goal for all of these schools is to secure employment for their students after graduating the program. Contact their career center to find out if you can post free ads on their website, participate in job fairs, or partner with teachers to present on your field of expertise. Willing to train? Find out if the school will allow you to advertise your internships to provide students with hands on experience prior to graduation. Internships can provide you with low-cost help and give you access to potential future candidates for employment.

3. Go Mobile

More people today are using smartphones so ensure your job ads and company profiles are accessible via mobile devices. Companies like allow you to post free job ads (make sure to select ‘keep this job free’ on the pricing page)  and have easy access for applicants to apply directly through their mobile phone. The other sites mentioned; Facebook and Glassdoor are also mobile friendly and will allow millennials to gather more information on your company from their smartphone.

Implementing these key tips will help you target, win, and hire top talent for your small business, but how will you keep these new millennials happy? Stay tuned for our next segment to learn more about keeping your top talent employed.

Last modified: February 10, 2017

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