One Main Reason Small Businesses Lose to Industry Giants

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Ben’s business is his baby. He’s spent countless hours and sacrificed quality time with his wife and kids to make this business successful.


He’s also spent thousands of dollars on leads in the hopes of winning jobs and seeing a return on his investment, only to feel like that money flies out the window when those leads tell him they’ve chosen a “more established” competitor.

We’ve all felt it.

The lump in Ben’s throat is forming just thinking about it.


Ben’s prospective customers chose Goliath over him.

A company that’s been in business for 35 years, has 50+ employees, is operating in multiple states, has a massive online presence and (here’s the real heartbreaker) contacted them FIRST.


We’ve all been in Ben’s shoes before in one way or another, and as a business owner you’ve probably felt this several times.

There’s no way to sugar coat it…. It sucks.

But what separates you from the rest is your tenacity, your will to fight on, your passion.

That spark within you that inspired you to start this business in the first place and that spark that you refuse to let die.

Now, like the story of David and Goliath, this story wouldn’t be worth telling if it didn’t have a happy ending.

So how did Ben start competing with Goliath? How did Ben start winning more jobs?


Ben didn’t waste time sulking. Ben took action.


He started doing some research and realized that his current methods (doing things the old fashioned way) were hurting him, so he decided to change his ways.

He began to realize that his competitors were beating him because they were equipped with the right tools to impress the customer right off the bat.

So he decided to streamline his processes, clean up his business’s look and feel and give his prospective customers a better overall experience from the first contact.

To sum it up, Ben started making a better first impression.

He thought he was making a good first impression by emailing his customers the same day he received his lead from HomeAdvisor or the prospective customer requested information.

Unfortunately, that tactic that used to work well is proving to be less effective in a world of distractions coming from every angle.

While it’s important to contact leads first in order to make a good impression,

80% of sales are made on the 8th-12th attempt!

The resources to pull of this level of outreach can be tough for a small business, but persistence and timeliness build trust, and people tend to do business with people they like and trust.

Okay, so now we know Ben’s secret. Make a better first impression.

The question is.. How did he execute this after making this discovery?


Ben began looking for his ammo.

He knew he needed to transform his business from the inside out.

So he found a seamless internal system in a field service software that allowed him to contact his leads, not only faster than his competition, but several times and, (here’s the key) automatically.

Now that Ben has a system to automate some of his communication with his customers and his employees, his life is easier, his employees have flexibility AND mobility and his customers are more satisfied overall.

Want to learn more about Ben’s secrets to success?

We’ll dive deeper next Thursday as we continue the David vs Goliath series.

Stay tuned.

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See you next Thursday!

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Last modified: January 17, 2018

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