What Is the Tool for the Job?

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Nearly every profession has a particular tool that the person doing the job simply couldn’t go without. The following are several well-known tools and the professionals that often use them. What is the tool for the job? See if you can tell what industry the tool belongs to by looking just at the tool below.

1. Utility Knife – A chef or cook uses a kitchen utility knife for slicing, dicing and chopping.

2. Stethoscope – Doctors use a stethoscope to listen to their patients’ hearts. They are often seen wearing a stethoscope around their necks.

3. Wrench – A mechanic will use a wrench when working on all types of vehicles. There are several types of wrenches including Allen, Socket and adjustable wrenches.

4. Gavel – A judge will often use a gavel in the courtroom. Gavels have been used for hundreds of years and date back to at least Medieval England.

5. Duster – Housekeepers use this cleaning tool to keep homes and offices spotless from top to bottom.

6. Calculator – An accountant will likely use a calculator when figuring out your taxes or balancing your budget.

7. Pipe Cutters – Pipe cutters are the tool for the job that plumbers use the most. Pipe cutters can usually provide a clean cut through a pipe much faster than a saw.

8. Books – Books are tools for learning as well as enjoyment and are the primary tools used by librarians.

9. Ax – While many of them use chainsaws and other modern equipment, this is the oldest tool used by lumberjacks.

10. Hose – Firefighters have been using hoses for generations and are still using them.

11. Rope – Cowboys use rope to both lasso and maintain control over their animals. In places as far north as Montana and as far south as Texas, cowboys still work in varying capacities throughout the United States.

12. Yardstick – Teachers still use yardsticks to point to items even when using modern technology such as projectors.

13. Hammer – Hammers have been around since humans have been doing even the most basic types of building. Today carpenters use a variety of hammers on the job.

14. Flashlight – Police officers often use flashlights when searching for evidence, a potential suspect or investigating a crime scene.

15. Drill – Dentists use dental drills for a variety of procedures including working on fillings or removing decay. High speed dental drills will spin around over 4,000 times each second!

16. Needle – A needle is the primary tool for the job that seamstresses have used for centuries.

17. Computer – While a computer is used by a variety of professionals, it’s absolutely essential for a lawyer. A lawyer needs to do research, store files and create necessary documents online.

18. Jackhammer – Construction workers often use electrical jackhammers to break up rock and concrete.

19. Pencil – Most writers use a computer today, but throughout history a pencil has been the tool for the job.

20. Paint Brush – Whether it’s an artist painting a portrait or a house painter painting a building, a paint brush is the most important tool a painter will use.

21. Lawn Mower – The lawn mower has come a long way since it was invented in 1830. Today there are several elaborate lawn mowing machines that a landscaper will use to keep your lawn looking great.

22. Razor – Whether it’s electric or an old-fashioned straight edge, a barber will often use a razor.

23. Comb – The primary tool a hairdresser uses is a comb. When cutting your hair, coloring it or creating an elaborate style, he or she will almost always use some type of comb.

24. Pliers – The two types of pliers that electricians use the most include needle-nose pliers and long-nose pliers.

25. Mortar and Pestle – This iconic device has been used by pharmacists for centuries to grind medicine.

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