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There’s little more annoying, cringe-inducing and potentially costly than learning your home has an infestation of some nasty pest. Regardless of where you live, you don’t want to find out you have unwanted company living in your home or yard. So where in the world do some of the peskiest of pests originate? Here, we take a look at the most common home pests found throughout the world.

The Asian Long-Horned Beetle

These destructive pests originate in Japan and can wreak havoc on trees. The larvae of the Asian long-horned beetle burrow their way through the bark and wood of tree trunks. A large number of larvae will destroy the tree. The only way to prevent them from spreading is to chop the tree down and burn it.

Crazy Ants

Meet fire ants crazy cousins crazy ants. This species of ants originates in South America and has been taking over North America in recent years. These swarming ants are extremely aggressive, destroying anything and everything in their path. They’re hard to find and kill because they can squeeze into the cracks of electronics and hide there — and reproduce — without being detected.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito

Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying and dangerous of pests, with their propensity to bite and carry deadly diseases. The Asian tiger mosquito ups the pest factor by reproducing at an incredibly rapid rate. In just two decades, they have spread to 28 countries and are now the most widespread animal species in the world. And like other species of mosquitoes, they are carriers of West Nile virus and other blood-borne diseases.


Bedbugs are found everywhere, and in every instance are not the type of house guests you’re looking to host. Outside of the nasty bumps and rashes they leave, they are also nearly impossible to get rid of when they’ve taken up residence in your home. Once eradicated in the United States because of widespread pesticide use, bedbugs were reintroduced to North America through international travel, and are now even harder to combat than previously.

Cane Toads

Originally introduced to the Caribbean and Australia as a way to eat pests destroying sugar cane fields, these amphibious pests ate everything else as well. Cane toads are now thought to be one of the most invasive species in the world.


Name a continent, and you’ll find a rat. Once thought to be the primary culprits for spreading the bubonic plague, rats are similar to rabbits in their ability to reproduce, and they reside in dens or nests that can make it difficult to rid your home of the nasty rodents. Similar to cockroaches and mosquitoes, rats are carriers of multiple diseases. Rat urine and rat droppings are especially dangerous, so be sure to thoroughly clean your hands and any area the droppings of these home pests are found.


A comic strip once joked that in a nuclear apocalypse, the only things that would be left were Cher and cockroaches. Lovers of warm climates, cockroaches can be found in the most beautiful locales. Whether you live in a warm weather location or vacation in paradise, expect to find these nasty insects lurking about in your home or hotel. Similar to mosquitoes, cockroaches carry diseases, and also similar to mosquitoes, they fly. Cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill, so be prepared to keep swatting them to ensure they’re dead or call pest control if you have an infestation.

Last modified: April 6, 2018

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