Cities with the Most Burglaries in Each State

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As a field service business owner, it’s important to know about the risks you and your staff face while on the job. Burglary can take many forms, from someone stealing your equipment off client sites to opportunistic thieves breaking into client houses. When you end up doing jobs in one of these cities, you need to have safeguards in place to minimize the risk of these situations.

Burglaries May Represent Service Opportunities

While increased burglary rates come with negative side effects, they also represent the potential for greater business opportunities compared to surrounding regions.

For example, if you install home security systems, your demand could be higher in these burglary-prone locations. Your clients may want proactive features that reduce the chances of their home becoming a target. Smart home systems may need to be integrated with this security measure.

You can also help with the aftermath of a burglary. Fixing fences, replacing windows and changing locks are all tasks the homeowner may want assistance with.

The moral of the story is to never write off an area simply due to its higher crime rates. These areas could represent smart business potential with homeowners in greater need of your services.

Big Cities Versus Small Towns

Another interesting characteristic you may notice is the size of the city for each state. The natural assumption is to think that larger cities will always be a greater hotbed for crime. However, when you adjust the numbers on a per capita basis, many states reflect something different.

You end up seeing a lot of smaller cities and towns on this list. Whether you’re looking at Keokuk, Iowa, or else Florence, South Carolina, you will encounter higher crime areas in the so-called “quieter” areas. The crime volume may be lower in these locations, but it’s more likely for you to encounter it along the way.

Ultimately, you should decide the risk level you’re comfortable with taking. If you have a field service business that requires multiple days at a client site with equipment left overnight, know that these higher crime areas may end up being more trouble than they are worth. If you have a service that’s perfect for stopping burglaries or fixing up after them, you might want to shift some of your marketing to these regions.

Here is a full list that features the city in each state with the (currently) highest burglary rate per 1,000 people. Reference this list whenever you start expanding into a new state or region so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Highest Burglary Rate Cities

  • Alabama: Anniston
  • Alaska: Anchorage
  • Arizona: Apache Junction
  • Arkansas: Blytheville
  • California: California City
  • Colorado: Pueblo
  • Connecticut: Hartford
  • Delaware: Wilmington
  • District of Columbia: DC
  • Florida: Opa Locka
  • Georgia: College Park
  • Hawaii: Honolulu
  • Idaho: Lewiston
  • Illinois: Danville
  • Indiana: South Bend
  • Iowa: Keokuk
  • Kansas: McPherson
  • Kentucky: Campbellsville
  • Louisiana: Bastrop
  • Maine: Augusta
  • Maryland: Cumberland
  • Massachusetts: Pittsfield
  • Michigan: Inkster
  • Minnesota: Minneapolis
  • Mississippi: Meridian
  • Missouri: Branson
  • Montana: Kalispell
  • Nebraska: North Platte
  • Nevada: Elko
  • New Hampshire: Manchester
  • New Jersey: Bridgeton
  • New Mexico: Artesia
  • New York: Niagara Falls
  • North Carolina: Lumberton
  • North Dakota: Minot
  • Ohio: Youngstown
  • Oklahoma: Tulsa
  • Oregon: Grants Pass
  • Pennsylvania: New Castle
  • Rhode Island: Woonsocket
  • South Carolina: Florence
  • South Dakota: Sioux Falls
  • Tennessee: Dyersburg
  • Texas: Port Arthur
  • Utah: Salt Lake City
  • Vermont: Burlington
  • Virginia: Portsmouth
  • Washington: Aberdeen
  • West Virginia: Beckley
  • Wisconsin: Racine
  • Wyoming: Riverton


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