Release Notes – May 18, 2015

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*Fix to address intermittent issue that occurs when a filter is not saved after it is created.

*Fix to address errors that occur when attempting to schedule a work order via calendar.

*Fix for CSV file download capability to include a customer unique ID column.

*Fix to intermittent issue related to TAX being displayed as NON when added by a staff member.

*Fix to correct intermittent issues with customers not receiving Closed Ticket notification emails.

*Fix to correct the display of availability for Online Booking, when appointments are booked from the scheduler/calendar.

*Fix to correct the sorting of tickets by all tickets vs. by page of tickets.

*Fix to set the default customer’s contact to be the first contact listed on the work order.

*Fix to correct usability for filters when two “is not” statements are used with or without the buffer.

*Fix to correct the Time & Material information displayed for a specified date range.

*Fix to disable manager permissions to add/edit drop down menu options for Ad Campaign.

Last modified: December 6, 2016

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Release Notes – May 18, 2015

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