mHelpDesk Release Notes for Web – Aug. 3, 2016

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Today, we pushed out several new features and additional functionality to existing features to improve your experience with the mHelpDesk web application. Don’t miss the new reports that are available and stay tuned for our mobile release, which will come out soon! Here’s what you need to know about our latest release:



  • Get the Sales per Revenue Type Report: Through the Sales per Revenue Type report, you are now able to see the amount of revenue per each item type, whether it’s a product, service or another charge you’ve submitted to a customer.
  • Get the Lead Source & Revenue Report: For those who are using the lead functionality, you now have insight into how many leads converted to customers.
  • Create an Invoice from a Lead or Lead Estimate (without creating a Job): The ability to create an invoice from a lead or lead estimate is now quick and seamless.


  • Search for a Lead by Customer Name:  You can now quickly find a lead by searching their first or last name.
  • Sort the Job List by Appointment Date: Simply click the appointment header and you will be able to sort your job list by the closest appointments in time.
  • See helpful information on a downloaded Estimate or Invoice:  When you download an estimate or invoice, you are now able to see the contact’s last name and the associated estimate or invoice number.
  • Opt back into SMS (text) notifications from the Account Page:  If you accidentally opted out of SMS (text) notifications and decide you want to sign back up for it, just visit your account page to opt back in.

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mHelpDesk Release Notes for Web – Aug. 3, 2016

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