HVAC Apps – 10 Top Rated Ones That We Love

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“The only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to learn and apply the right stuff faster.” – Wayne Hodgins


Most field service workers would tout the benefits of mobile apps in allowing them to be more productivity and giving them access to the information they need to perform their job. Today’s HVAC workers can conveniently turn to their mobile device to perform calculations and sizing for materials, reference terms and manuals, prep for the HVAC exam and more. There’s a plenty of HVAC apps to choose from, but not all are created equal, so we scoured the iTunes and Google Play store for the top-rated apps you should check out. Here are our favorites:


1. HVAC Buddy

The HVAC Buddy app, available for both iOS and Android, is a refrigerant charging and diagnostic HVAC app. If an HVAC pro is servicing an equipment, he or she can use this app to understand the proper refrigerant charge to use. The app also contains charts for target Superheat and Subcool and pressure-temperature tables for 71 refrigerants, so it’s incredibly useful. If you download this app and like it, you may want to check out the other apps from HVAC Buddy, like HVAC Buddy Psychrometric, HVAC Buddy Pressure and HVAC Duct Calc Buddy.


2. Complete HVAC Dictionary

The Complete HVAC Dictionary – Free is a great tool for both HVAC newbies and pros to have in their pocket. Available for Android devices, this app allows you to reference over 3,000 heating, ventilation and air conditioning terms. This is also a great resource for HVAC students.


3. HyTools

The HyTools app has been called “a real life saver” by one of its reviewers. Available for download on both the iTunes and Google Play store, the app performs many hydronic calculations that are useful for optimizing HVAC systems, from flow – valve setting – pressure drop, valve sizing and presetting, radiator power estimation and more.


4. HVAC Thermostats

We like the HVAC Thermostats Android app because it gives HVAC pros the convenience of having 400+ name brand HVAC thermostat manuals, including those from top brands like Honeywell, Lennox, Nest and White Rogers. Any manual can be saved to your mobile device or forwarded to a customer or team member via email. If you’re looking for a similar app for the iPhone, try HVAC Thermostats (by Manuals A to Z).


5. HVAC Duct Sizers

HVAC professionals who work with ventilation systems will find the HVAC Duct Sizer app, available for iOS and Android users, handy for conducting quick and simple duct sizing. The app was designed by Carmel Software Corporation, a leader in HVAC design software, and voted as a favorite mobile app by Contracting Business magazine readers. We like that the app allows for customization, so that users can provide specific parameters like the duct shape, air temperature and air pressure.


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6. HVAC Air Change Tool

The HVAC Air Change Tool app saves HVAC professionals time and effort by calculating the air change per hour from room volume in cubic feet and cubic feet per minute (CFM). The app is basic, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to.


7. HVAC Flashcards 

For those currently in a Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) training program or school or preparing for the HVAC exam, the HVAC Flashcards app, available for both iOS andAndroid for $4.99, is great app to download. The app includes 1000 ready-to-go flashcards from 5 categories, which cover all topics in the HVAC exam, so students can learn and test their knowledge. An added benefit for iPhone users is the ability to create your own flashcards and store them locally and online.


8. HVAC Practice Test

Android users who want a free app to help prepare for the HVAC exam can turn to the HVAC Practice Test app. Like the HVAC Flashcards app, you’ll have access to flashcards, various learning modes and practice tests. We also like that this app supports offline mode, so you can use it wherever you are.


9. Ultimate Pipe Size

Available for Android phones, the Ultimate Pipe Size app is a helpful tool calculating both pipe size and pressure drop calculation. It is downloaded by not only professionals in not only the HVAC industry, but those mechanical and chemical engineering as well.


10. HVAC Professional Formulator

The HVAC Professional Formulator app gives HVAC pros with iPhones and iPads access to over 200 formulas as well as charts and conversions in various areas within the HVAC industry, from boilers, energy, heating, humidity, loads, pumps, steam, chimneys and more. HVAC pros interested in getting the complete International Mechanical Code also get that with the $7.99 purchase of this app.

Got any apps that you would add to our list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Last modified: May 11, 2018

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