How Your Appliance Repair Business Can Complete More Work Orders in Less Time

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Imagine if your appliance repair business could take on more work orders, without spending a minute longer on the clock. Better yet, what if you could do so without hiring any new employees, either? It would be a sure-fire way to raise profits quickly, right?

Absolutely. Completing more work orders in the same amount of time (or less time) can raise your return on investment, make your business more cost-effective and efficient, and improve your bottom line all in one fell swoop.

But exactly how do you accomplish that? Well, you could invest in some faster, more trained employees or you could cut corners in certain areas of work, but those probably aren’t your best options. In fact, the best solution is actually much simpler: use appliance repair software.

Our appliance repair shop software can increase your profitability and allow you to complete more work in less time, by:

  • Eliminating tedious paperwork – No more handwritten invoices or time-consuming manual estimates; everything can be done instantly and automatically through our software, even via a mobile phone. Think of the time you could save on each call!
  • Allowing fast, mobile payments – Customer don’t have to write out checks or count out cash. Your techs can input the client’s credit or debit card info, and the invoice is paid instantly.
  • Streamlining dispatching – Instead of having to call each and every tech when a service call comes in, let our software do the work for you. Just assign the job in the system, and the tech will get an immediate notification on their end. No extra work needed!
  • Making management easy – With our software solution, you can monitor work order progress and know exactly when techs are done with a job. That way, you can send them out on their next call immediately and make the best use of their time. There’s no lag time at all.

Would you like to make your appliance repair business more successful? Then try out mHelpDesk’s appliance repair service software. It can streamline your efforts and make your company more profitable, more efficient and more effective. Contact us today for a free trial.

Last modified: March 3, 2017

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