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“Every month for billing, we have much fewer errors than we used to.” – Sheila Holyfield



Business Profile: Agentive Healthcare

What does Agentive Healthcare do? Agentive Healthcare provides Medicare and Medicaid compliance, reimbursement, and operations consulting to healthcare facilities.

Where are you located? Louisiana

When did you start using mHelpDesk? May 2015

Hear from Sheila and Tiffany from Agentive Healthcare


1. What was your biggest challenge at work before using mHelpDesk?

Sheila: We were having trouble keeping track of billable time. Everything was done by hand. We had Excel spreadsheets and we also had to manually enter data into Quickbooks so that we could turn the data into an invoice for our customer.  On top of that, there was no way to double check if the data was correct.

2. What was the transition to mHelpDesk like?

Tiffany: The transition from paper to mHelpDesk was really easy and we had no issues with putting all of our spreadsheets into the system.

3. What is your daily workflow now that you’re using mHelpDesk?

Sheila: The consultants/techs send me their schedule for the month and they also send their weekly timesheet. I set up an invoice and site visit (job). As soon as they’re done with their jobs and finish their reports Tiffany takes the information and puts syncs it to Quickbooks. I always double check their hours for payroll in mHelpDesk to make sure everything is accurate. At the end of the month, I combine any invoices that need to be combined, send them out and then I sync them with Quickbooks.


“Every month for billing, we have much fewer errors than we used to. mHelpDesk streamlines billing and it helps us eliminate errors that cause the company to lose money.”


4. What is your favorite feature in mHelpDesk?

Tiffany: Invoices are our favorite and most used feature in mHelpDesk. It saves time, cuts down on errors, and really just streamlined us all the way around. Being able to double check reports with our timesheets helps me make sure everything is accurate.

5. Would you recommend mHelpDesk to others?

Tiffany: We would definitely recommend mHelpDesk to others. I would tell someone who is on the fence to just try it. It’s not that hard to set up and it’s really easy to use as a system.”


“I also love the support team! I call them all the time! Something new will come up and they are always very helpful.”


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To learn more about Agentive Healthcare and their services, click here.

Last modified: July 22, 2019

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