7 Ways to Improve Your HomeAdvisor Pro Ranking

When it comes to finding a professional on HomeAdvisor, your potential customers won’t choose just any professional. They know that at the touch of a button, they can access the latest reviews and feedback that will allow them to make a smart decision fast.

So, in a world where online reputation and positive feedback win the race, just how do you ensure that you reach and maintain a favorable HomeAdvisor Pro ranking that will leave potential customers in no doubt that you are the one for them? In this article, we’ll take a look at the ways you can not only elevate your ranking but keep it there, too!

Strategy 1: Provide 5-Star Customer Service

Social media is everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; anybody who is anybody seemingly has their own social media account. So, why don’t you? Social media is great for promoting your company, but it also allows you to share your review link for others to use to post to or look at reviews. Remember, you’re aiming for the stars, or more specifically, five stars. When you maintain a great response rate, communicate well with your customers, provide timely updates and provide great quality services, good reviews will naturally follow.

Strategy 2: Strike Early to Get the Most Reviews

One of the best ways to get higher ranked reviews is to provide the best customer service experience that your customers have ever received. Listen to what they want and need, listen to their concerns, do the job well and bring your best positive attitude. Some are tough nuts to crack, but once you crack them, watch out: they will bring everybody they know to you.

But, you need to get that review in the first place. The best way to do that is to strike early while your customer’s delight is fresh and their endorphins are racing through their veins. People are most likely to give you a review directly after the job has been completed. This is when their satisfaction level is high and they will only be too happy to give you some positive feedback. Comment cards filled in at the time of service or even instant reviews they can leave on your iPad will help to keep your review rate and rankings high.

Strategy 3: Set Up Automatic Review Links

Consider setting up automated review links that are sent to the customer the moment a job is finished. With a field service mobile app, you can do this easily for each and every customer. It’s one less thing for you to remember and ensures your customers receive a way to review your services – most will want to, but many will have no idea how unless you show them.

Strategy 4: Promote Your HomeAdvisor Personal Review Link Everywhere

When it comes to emailing customers, be sure to paste your review link into your email signature, as well as all follow-up emails, your business card, and your social media accounts. Make it as easy as possible for customers to leave you a review and use the platforms they are familiar with such as HomeAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Use leading questions and comments that promote a response such as “how did we do” and “we’d love your feedback”.

Strategy 5: Ask For Reviews From Previous Happy Customers

Did you forget to ask for a review on that last big job? Looking to boost your review numbers but business is a little slow? Did you know that you can request reviews from previous happy customers? HomeAdvisor has an option that allows you to create a campaign to do just that. Don’t let them get away!

Strategy 6: Get Everybody Involved

The key to great reviews is to involve the entire business. From field service technicians to customer service and sales, everybody should be on the same page. A follow-up call from a customer services representative following completion of a job is a great way to leave a great impression with your customers. Why not make it interesting by creating a competitive element across your business? You’ll be surprised how many more reviews come flowing in when you offer rewards to the employee that can gather the most positive reviews in a set time period.

Strategy 7: Send a Reminder

Your customers are busy. Just because they didn’t leave you a positive review when you asked them doesn’t mean they weren’t happy. A quick follow-up reminder email containing your personal review link could be all it takes to prompt a response. Why not add an extra incentive for positive reviews such as a percentage discount on future work?

Final Thoughts

Following the above tips is a great way to gain more reviews and increase your HomeAdvisor Pro ranking. As you gain experience, you will undoubtedly find more ways to both attract more reviews and increase your ranking.

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Last modified: January 9, 2020

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