Service Business Marketing, 4 Lessons From Pokemon Go

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Service Business Techniques Learned From The Pocket Monsters

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In less than a week, Pokemon Go has taken over the world. Gamers are leaving their couches, non-athletes are getting exercise (whether it’s intentional or not isn’t the point), and 80s babies are enjoying an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

The little pocket monsters have even invaded the workplace, getting banned from the network at companies like Boeing where the game has negatively impacted employee productivity. Addicted employees were quick to rebel:

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But besides causing problems at work, there are some very positive things coming out of the game’s release. Marketers are quickly dissecting the game’s overnight success. So how can you apply Pokemon Go’s Marketing tactics to your business? The answer is pretty simple. Create a Brand, Engage, Reward and provide Provide Proof. Here are some helpful tips to improve your Service Business Marketing:

1. Brand

Pokemon Go isn’t the first augmented reality exergame of its kind. The game’s creator released a similar game called Ingress back in 2012. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but chances are you haven’t, and the reason for this isn’t necessarily because the game was poorly made or lacked in functionality. The reason is simply branding.


As a service business, having a strong brand is important when trying to gain the trust of your clients. Building your brand can help you obtain more organic leads through recognition and professionalism. Branding is also a way for you to stand out against your competitors who lack brand appeal or awareness. Start with a strong logo and a sleek, well-designed website so that customers are impressed when they land on your site and will be encouraged to reach out or submit a service request.

2. Engage

Pokemon Go will continue to be successful because of the consistent satisfaction that users feel while using the app. The more they play, the more rewards they get. As an exergame, Pokemon Go also engages users by blending real life actions with alternate reality, getting players physically involved in the game’s mechanisms, making it that much more captivating and intriguing. As a service professional, getting your customers involved in the process can be a great way to improve their experience while working with you. For example, a home contractor, working on a remodel for a customer, could send information on the latest trends in kitchen remodeling, or an HVAC consultant could provide a customer with resources to help them cut down energy costs.

Making a good first impression and connecting with them quickly in a professional manner is the first step. As you work with the customer, continue to create meaningful engagement opportunities that are personalized, whether it’s through an email, a quick phone call (with a voicemail if you don’t reach them), a flyer in the mail or a fun social media outreach campaign. These gestures, which may seem small, go a long way in the eyes of your customer.

3. Reward

Rewarding customer loyalty is extremely important in retaining valuable customers. The emotional response a gamer gets when he finds a Pokemon keeps him coming back and this same concept can be applied to any service business. Once you’ve gotten a lead to submit a request, your main goal should be to turn them into a lifelong customer. Happy lifetime customers are the key to growing your business. One way to do this, is by initiating a referral program, where customers can receive a discount on their next service or a gift card for every referral they give you. Campaigned is a great tool to check out if you’re interested. Another way to accomplish this is by a milestone rewards system. For example, an exterminator could offer 25-40% off every 5th pest or bug control visit. Programs like this are easy to facilitate without a 3rd party system, but companies like ExpectReferrals can help.

4. Provide Proof

Pokemon Go didn’t have to run a grandiose, costly ad campaign in order to be successful. They leveraged social media and let their fans do the marketing for them. Sure, it’s a much different game (no pun intended) than marketing your service business, but the same concepts can be applied. Written proof of good service can be a powerful lead acquisition tool. Word of mouth is good, but having a strong online presence along with good reviews can make acquiring leads that much easier. Leveraging tools like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and Thumbtack can strengthen your name. As you provide great service to customers, make sure to prompt them to leave reviews on your Yelp and Facebook pages.

Wrap Up

The moral of the story is that when it comes to marketing, branding your business and working towards engaging and rewarding customers and requesting customer reviews can do wonders for your business. mHelpDesk, a leading field service software, has features that can help you brand your business and engage your customers. To learn more click he

Last modified: November 28, 2016

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