Tesla Powerwall Installation, Why You Should Become Certified

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Many of our mHelpDesk customers are interested in staying on top of the latest technology, including advances in solar and sustainable energy.  Tesla Motors has already revolutionized the way we power cars by eliminating total dependence on fossil fuels. Now, the company is revolutionizing how we power our homes with home battery technology that’s been out for over a year now.

The Move Towards Sustainable Energy

So your service business has already traded in pen and paper for a software system that manages your business in a mobile capacity. You’re already on board and see the value that change in this new direction can bring.

Whether you buy into Global Warming or not, CO2 levels in our atmosphere are increasing. The power plants burning fossil fuels that currently supply energy to the vast majority of the modern world are extremely inefficient. The amount of waste these fuels release far outweighs the amount of power they produce. And current home battery technologies are unreliable, inefficient, not scalable, and expensive to install and maintain.

With more of a push to deliver clean energy to the world, this may impact your day-to-day life in the near future. Here’s a quick outline of some of Tesla’s latest advances and what you need to know about what lies ahead…


Tesla’s Home Battery

At Tesla’s Powerwall launch event, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, said in his opening statement that there’s going to be a “fundamental transformation in how the world works and how energy is delivered across the earth.” The system we use to collect and distribute energy is broken, and Tesla’s goal is for us is to, collectively, do something about it and create positive change.

Tesla’s Powerwall home battery gives everyone peace of mind in more ways than one. You will always have power, even when off the grid (when the power goes out after an extreme weather event, such as a hurricane or blizzard, for example). The Powerwall provides safety and security, all in a complete and affordable solution available for just $3,500, while many solar panel/home battery systems currently on the market cost well over $10,000.

Musk goes on to explain how “people in a remote village or on an island somewhere can take solar panels, combine it with the Tesla Powerwall and never have to worry about having electricity lines. Having a solution that works wherever you are will be incredibly powerful to people who don’t have electricity today.”


The Powerwall is easy on the eyes and designed so you can stack up to 9 of them on a wall, taking up the same amount of space as an average sized painting. Its lithium ion battery uses the company’s proven automotive battery technology to bring a completely automated, easy to install, power solution to a home. By storing electricity generated by solar panels, the Powerwall feeds electricity to your entire home or selected appliances in the evening and night hours. Better yet, it requires no maintenance.

Tesla’s Commercial Battery


Going beyond the Powerwall, Tesla also offers the Powerpack which can power commercial operations. Their end goal is to transition the world to sustainable energy in the near future. It would take an estimated 2 billion of these Powerpacks to transition all transport, electricity and heating to renewable energy. And although that number seems like a lot, in comparison, there are already 2 billion cars and trucks on the roads with 100 million new cars and trucks being added every year. It would only take 900 million Powerpacks to transition the world to renewable energy and 160 million to transition the United States. 


“This is not something we think Tesla is going to do alone. There are going to be many other companies doing [this], and building [products] of their own; and we hope they do,” Musk said. “That’s the future we need to have.”


Becoming Telsa Powerwall Installation Certified

The world is moving towards sustainable energy and the way we all operate is going to evolve. Staying up to date and being on the forefront of this technology will only give you an upper hand once this becomes more mainstream and eventually becomes standard.

Tesla favors an open source/open door policy and is offering certification for service professionals who would like to install Powerwall home batteries and Powerpack systems.

Want to learn more?  Click here to sign up to become a Tesla Powerwall Installer.


All pictures courtesy of teslamotors.com.

Last modified: March 17, 2017

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