Apps for Cleaning and Maid Service Business Owners: Top 8 We Love

Running a cleaning business can be a challenge. The actual cleaning jobs are challenging enough, so any time and effort that can be saved on managing the business is a big deal. Here are 8 apps to help make life for cleaning service businesses easier.



With more and more people focused on healthy, non-toxic products, Good Guide is a great source for cleaning service and maid businesses to understand which cleaning products are best to use. With it, you can take a photo of any product’s bar code and readily know how green the product is. 



Getting referrals is important for cleaning and maid service businesses to grow their customer base. Growsurf is a referral marketing software that offers a free plan to let you run refer-a-friend campaigns.



Obtaining recurring business is another priority for cleaning and maid service businesses owners. Marketing to your customers through email is a viable way to stay in touch and create upsell opportunities for regular service. What’s nice with Mailchimp is it’s easy to use and you can take advantage of their free plan.



This is a great organizational and automation tool for any cleaning or maid service company. mHelpDesk gives business owners and their team the ability to easily send estimates and quotes, schedule appointments, manage customers, track hours worked, accept customer payments and more.


HomeAdvisor Pro
Looking to get more cleaning clients in your pipeline? The HomeAdvisor Pro app, a lead management tool, can connect you with targeted prospects. You can even check how many potential customers are in your area now.




This app has a lot of general applicability. For cleaning service business owners can scan physical receipts and bills for supplies and services they need to run their business and important documents like contracts on Scanbot.




If your employees are using their personal cell phones to communicate with clients while on the job, you’ll want to maintain and protect their privacy. Businesses use Shuffle to get disposable phone numbers in their local area code to manage their business communication.


Your website is just as important as the service you provide your customers. If it doesn’t attract customers or provide the right information, you could be closing your business to people who are looking at your site. If it’s time to update your website, Wix has nice templates for the cleaning industry that you could use to get something nice and new quickly.


As this list shows, home service business owners have a number of options to help save time, keep organized and attract customers. By utilizing these apps, you can focus on the real job of cleaning and waste less effort on administrative tasks.


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Last modified: March 11, 2019

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